Best Tips for Creating a Landing Page for your Brand

Best Tips for Creating a Landing Page for your Brand

by Jarafel Designs Admin, July 27, 2017

You need effective landing pages that convert as much as you need a worthwhile product or service. Without a great landing page, all your brilliant inbound work is generating website traffic for potential future buyers to visit, poke around, and leave. After all, getting people to your brand’s landing pages is only half the battle. The real magic happens when a visitor converts and transforms into a lead, buyer, or subscriber.

What is the Purpose of your Landing Page?

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of constructing the perfect landing page, you have to have a clear answer to this question. What message do you want to get across?

Think of it this way. You have up to about 6 seconds to make an impression. When someone lands on a web page, they need to know what value they will find within the site and how it is different from what everyone else offers. Site visitors need to instantly grasp what your brand’s unique value proposition is. The goal is for them to understand why they should stick around to do business with you, in less time than it takes to stir the cream into their coffee.

This means a great landing page is, above all else, crystal clear. If there are less than ten words on the page, those words better serve to distinguish your brand from your competition.




Here are some Components of a Great Landing Page

A Headline that grabs your Reader’s Attention!

What makes a landing page headline compelling?

  • First, it should allude to what sets your brand apart, as discussed. This can either be obviously stated or conveyed through the tone and style of your headline.
  • Your headline must align with your prospects’ needs. There must be a sense that your brand is capable of addressing their pain points.
  • It should stand out.


A well-constructed headline can have a sizable impact on your conversion rates. Make it good. If you’re not sure or waffling between different headlines, use A/B testing to determine which headline is more effective.

Compelling Text

Your text on your landing page should align with your headline. It also is where you want to address the emotional, psychological, and intellectual concerns of your prospects:

Use the text to address any anxieties a potential buyer may have, such as price, support services, or uncertainty if your product or service will make that much of a difference.

Copy text should appeal to your ideal buyers’ sense of the ideal. For example, in our FreshBooks example, busy small business owners (their target) would want their accounting software to be easy-to-use, powerful, and organized.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

While it’s important to express your brand’s UVP within the copy on the page, you also want to spell it out on your landing pages. Bulleted lists and accompanying icons or other visuals will make your brand’s distinguishing features easy to see.

To help boost your conversions, it’s also helpful to post a shortened version of your UVP on your checkout or registration page on the sidebar. This just re-emphasizes that your brand is worth it, right when someone is about to convert, rather than being a generic copy of market competitors.

Images are a Secret Weapon for Attraction

Your images should support what the text on your page is conveying. This helps to keep a smooth flow of information, with everything subtly directing towards your CTA. Speaking of subtle directions. If your image subject has eyes, whether a photograph or illustration, human or animal, make sure those eyes are directed towards your CTA. This is a simple yet powerful way to cue your site visitors to your call to action button.

Build Trust

And finally, every great landing page has some type of trust building element. This can be in the form of photographs of actual customers, testimonials, client logos, third-party certifications, or case studies.

Now that you have Everything, Make it Better

There are always ways to improve your landing page to boost conversion rates for your brand. Follow past metrics to figure out what works best for your company. A lot of marketers spend that initial investment setting up a good landing page, but then take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach, focusing instead on increasing traffic with the rest of the digital marketing arsenal.

Don’t neglect the features on your landing pages. Make sure they are converting well. If they are not, assess where you could improve, do your A/B testing, and create landing pages that you are confident are working for your brand.

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