About Us
You Dream It We Create It!
What Sets Us Apart from the Competitors?
Growing your business online
The driving force behind everything we do at Jarafel Designs. We don’t just build websites. Our one and only goal is to help our clients grow their businesses and increase their bottom lines. We are here to help.
Strategic Planning and Dedication
We have successfully helped hundreds of clients grow, market, and run their businesses more effectively using the web.
Everything we do is based on research
We then marry our expertise with your unique needs as a business to achieve your goals.
Think of Us as a close Friend
We care about your needs as a company. Design trends, and online marketing are great but until we’ve personally tested and know it will make sense for you, we would not recommend it. We are open to giving suggestions and free advice.
simple steps . great results
Our Process of conducting business
We Plan & Sketch .
We Design & Develop .
Implement & Maintenance .
Testing & Delivery .
web design 95%
Graphic Design 75%
Online Marketing 80%
App Development 85%
Why Choose Us?
If you want results hire Jarafel Designs

We have an outstanding creative team that focuses on delivering real results. We help bring you traffic that leads to conversions and sales.

Our services cover a vast spectrum that will be sure to cover your ever need! Feel free to view our services and get in touch with us for a free consultation. After learning about your business we should be able to tell you within moments how we can help you with your company needs.

What does a Partnership with Jarafel Designs look like?
Partnerships are custom-crafted much like our high-end design and development solutions. We can partner as a complete white-label service, offering you and your clients service completely behind the scenes, acting as if we’re your company. Jarafel Designs also provides generous referral relationships offering large percentages for referrals. We also operate in a hybrid mode where we are a completely separate company, brought in on a project, but bill you directly so you’re free to bill your clients and provide a 1-stop contact person for your clients.
Years in Business
Countries Served
Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
Company history

September 2010
The Beginning
The team at Jarafel Designs thanks everyone who has helped get s to where we are today. Without your help, insight and advice we could not and would not exist. One man, One mission, One Dream!
February 2012
Jarafel Designs began working with companies and individuals within the Caribbean and the United States. Projects completed in Florida, The Bahamas, Jamaica, etc.
August 2012
eCommerce Websites
We began developing Websites for online stores. And wow did we enjoy it. So much that we modified our website into an eCommerce website.