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We create websites for businesses of all sizes. We also provide an extensive list of Online Marketing Services

Our mission is to create the most professional looking website for you and your company. We try to take your vision and make it a reality. Jarafel Designs specializes in advanced graphical features as well. You will have something that will trump your competitors for one of the best rates in the country. We also have experience working with the international markets and implement the best practices specifically for you.

Formed in the Bahamas, Jarafel Designs was created to help local and international companies with online marketing. We have created systems that are unique to you.

Free websites provided by companies lack vision. They are also a detriment to your business. They are as common as sand on the beach. They are ineffective when branding your company. Like many other free things in life, you get exactly what you pay for. Do-it-yourself websites have coding errors and lack functional elements of well-crafted pages. However we have made a change to that. We give you options that are incomparable with other web firms.

It used to be exciting just to have a website up and running. Since the advancement of technology, there have been much more achievements with the use of a website. Individuals can now run an entire company with the use of the internet. The use of a website makes it much easier to conduct businesses. Payments are now conducted online, as well as business management. It is a seamless effort that reduces risk of losing cash and saves time. Today, you need a creative website that is properly constructed to support all functions to manage your business as well as to attract potential customers.

Let Us make Your Dream a Reality!

Need a customized feature built for your website? Below you will find a list of features that we can provide for your website. No matter the size of your project, we will make sure that the job is completed successfully.

Need a Website?

Quality is Premium here at Jarafel Designs. You can expect to have something that will blow your competition away.

Jarafel Designs can help your potential customers find your website. Application development for your company’s website is almost a given for online success. This can be a payment gateway with shopping cart, an engaging member portal or any creative concept that supports your online strategies. Plus, your site needs to be interactive with social media channels that support your identity branding. In vice versa, a social media page can only do so much. You are still limited and would have to conduct business unprofessionally. Also, one page websites are a thing of the past that cannot explain detailed explanations of your business’ purpose.

If your company isn’t doing business online, you are missing out on the opportunity to engage with potential consumers both locally and globally. In fact, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your online presence. In this day and age, people are relying on technology to make their lives easier. A vast majority of individuals find out information through search engines and social media rather than through word of mouth. Everything is being made possible using the internet. The addition of smart phones now grant most people access to the internet wherever they go. These are potential customers that you are missing out on and can make your business soar.

No matter what your size, from a mom-and-pop to an enterprise-level, we help companies grow their businesses by engaging their target audiences.

With an attractive, functional and user-friendly website, you’re always open for business. Current and prospective clients don’t have to wait until your building location opens the next morning to learn more about your business’ offerings. They can shop your products and services at any time.

Major retail stores have just as much exposure as a mom-and-pop stores online. The playing field is leveled and helps your business stand out. You also reduce your need to spend a fortune on advertising when you have a well-designed website. In the court of public opinion, a business without a website is one that lacks credibility. Today’s consumers are a savvy bunch with high expectations for brand presentation, information access and convenience. A quality website helps assure you’ll gain consumer confidence, land sales and grow your business.