Brand Consultancy
Inspiring and working with global brands
Brand Consulting
Jarafel Designs specializes in direct sales and marketing to improve brand development and generate customer acquisitions of the highest quality. We use proven, simple systems to create lasting connections between businesses and new buyers. Our methods focus on creating consumer loyalty and quality relationships that both the business and the customer can build upon for years.
Web Design
Improve your business, increase sales, and attract more customers
Jarafel Designs is a full-service website design company, focusing on helping small to large businesses grow via the internet.
Graphic Design
Think of Graphic Design as Art through Communication
We can support you with great graphic design services for web and print advertising projects.
Online Marketing
Jarafel Designs offers marketing services to clients Globally
Jarafel Designs is a full-service traditional and digital marketing and public relations firm with an emphasis on Brand Management!
Our Approach
Our methods are rooted in the customer experience
All of our marketing methods were created upon a data-based and trial-proven approach to customer acquisitions. We have designed models and presentations that are custom built to create value for each of our brand’s target consumer. Our proven methods are a Win-Win for every brand, every customer, and every associate. Our innovative methods are executed at the highest level by our committed and professional team members. We make it our priority to invest in the development of each associate and create a platform for each individual to grow at their own pace by displaying high level performance.
Quality through Independence
Not reporting to a larger agency or corporate structure allows us impartiality and independently recommend truly innovative “out of the box” solutions
Depth & Detail
Quality throughout everything we develop and create. We don’t settle for “good enough” – we deliver exceptional quality through depth of knowledge. We also tend to “go deep” with our clients, integrating directly into their organizations – and serving as an extension of their teams.
Insight through depth of multi-disciplinary experience on Global brands and within complex organizations – and through an extended network of independent resources.
Premium Service
A Culture of Resourcefulness
Our success at Jarafel Designs has been the direct result of our committed associates, who focus diligently on coming through for the client and consistently executing at the highest level. What makes Jarafel Designs unique is our sole interest in the intangibles of each team member rather than background and experience – work ethic, student mentality, and competitiveness are pillars of success. Our team boasts a variety of backgrounds and portfolios of experience, yet only one metric earns growth for our associates – performance. The culture at Jarafel Designs balances perfectly the competitiveness of performance-based culture and the Spirit of one team focused on accomplishing the same mission.
Strategic grounding and accountability. We provide regular, insightful performance measurement & reporting, and optimize every tactic we activate.
Diverse Experience
Brand and marketing strategy, Marketing and communications planning, Editorial and content strategy and creation, Market research, consumer insights and assessing new market opportunities, Digital and social media marketing, Product marketing and development – testing new product concepts and taking them to market
We approach Marketing as a means to solve business challenges and objectives. We believe that Marketing is a solution to achieve measurable business objectives – and not merely an expense. ​
Unique and Creative
Designing and building your brand from the ground up
Jarafel Designs is known by name for the innovative custom websites we create. But when it comes to identifying your brand online, web design is only a part of the equation. That’s why our team of digital masterminds begins each project by taking the time to research and define your business’s personality, services and more to lay a foundation for your unique brand.

When it comes to effective branding, we combine three powerful components into one seamless solution: brand strategy and positioning, logo design and identity, and marketing collateral. From defining your business’s niche, to creating your logo and beyond, we’ve got the design and strategy skills needed to create distinguishable branding that’ll put your business at the top of the food chain in your industry.

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